Man Vs Wild – A symbiotic relationship


What’s Hidden is the relationships that we form with nature and our surrounds. For some, it may not be symbiotic relationship, but for some it divulges greater meaning.

This narrative, inspired by the works of Henry David Therou, explores the hidden relationship between man and nature. It represents the symbiotic relationship that this boy has maintained with nature from a young age, and the serenity and solitude it has instilled within him.


DESN290 Project Report #7


The final week!

This week is hand-in week !

We have finalised all of our designs and collaborated effectively to ensure that they are all the same.

I have been working on the second sports page this week. This page will show the links and the photo flipping concept. This is a really important concept to show for our website design as it will show the different levels of the website and how it all connects together.

Finally, with our redesign, we wanted to create a vibrate, youthful site that appeals to future and current students of UOW. We therefore used the bright colours and unconventional design to create this appeal.

I am really pleased with the end results of our design and hope that all of our hard work and efforts are reflected in our marks.

Click below for the final sports page showing the links:

Our final topical page showing flipping images

Would love to know your thoughts!

DESN290 Project Report #6


Almost there…

There’s not much more to report on this week. We are working on the final products of the design and making small changes.

I have worked closely to change all of the designs to match the improved colour scheme and am working on the second topical page which will demonstrate how the  Sports Page will change when the mouse is hovered over the images. The images will flip when the mouse is hovered over them and the headline and lead of the story will appear in a box the shape of the image. This is an adaptation of the current UOWTV Multimedia site.

Also, each page will include a social media scroll and links to social media sites that currently exist on the UOWTV site.

We are attempting to include all of the aspects of the current site to make our re-design as ‘live’ as possible.

Click below here to see the final sports page…

The final Sport page.

DESN290 Project Report #5


We are almost there. We have started to develop our final site designs and we are working out the finer details of the design.

We have adapted all the design elements from the current site as well as some of our own ideas to each page, including icons, the name and the logo.

Maddy and I have collaborated along the way, to ensure that our designs match and our ideas all correspond.  We are working towards having the designs completed in plenty of time so that we can meet and make any minor adjustments that are necessary.

I am currently working on the topical page, Sport, and the layout of the page with the images and text on it. I am using the prototype as a guide, however the final design will differ from the prototype when all of the text and images are included. The prototypes are basic, and are a good guide, however they do not account for larger images or text on the screen. I felt that including too many pictures would make the site harder to read and understand, and so I decided that a simple design is much more effective.

Here is a topical page protoype



DESN290 Project Report #4


So, we have our Logo and our prototypes… What’s next?

Too much! 🙂

Now we are working on our final pages. We are required to present the structure of our design across three levels, so we have decided to present  the home page, a topical page, and an article page. This way people will understand how the full functioning of the website will work. Also, this will show the connections between the links of each page in a clear format.

We are still finalising, however what will be put on each page and this will probably end up being adapted from the current UOWTV Multimedia site.

Furthermore, we have adapted the things that we really liked about the UOWTV Multimedia site to our own. We thought that the Breaking News scroll was really effective, especially as it is an online site, and it also makes it a bit more interesting.  Also, we really liked how the main pictures on the home page, flipped over with more information when the curser was held over them. We also liked the idea of having the pictures as the main part of the home page for the site, as we feel that this visual aspect brings more appeal and a more youthful vibe to the site, so we are using this concept as well.

A name!  Last week, we were still slightly undecided on what to call the new and improved site. This was, by far, one of the hardest things to reinvent as we felt it was necessary to reflect the nature of UOWTV Multimedia and UOW collectively. Now, we have decided to not defer too far from the current name of the site, and remained with the current nature and culture of UOW, so we have decided to call the site UOWConnect.  It seems really simple, but we think that it reflects both our design and the UOW culture quite well.

It’s all coming along now, stay around for more updates!

Breaking the Habit: A review of In My Skin


Kate Holden’s memoir, In My Skin, explores the arduous journey of heroin addiction as Kate re-tells her story.  Some years on, Zoe Hunt reviews the memoir and its impact on the lives of struggling young girls.

Substance abuse, prostitution and adolescent struggles are all explored in Kate Holden’s explicit recount of her journey as a young adult.  It is a memoir of self-destruction and self-degradation as a divergence is created between the life that Kate once lived prior to her substance abuse, and the hardships she faces as a heroin addict and prostitute.

With no or little detail being left untold, the books ability to shock lies both in its detail and contrasts.

The memoir begins with Kate detailing her life growing up in Melbourne in the seventies.  She was an intelligent but introverted girl, who took pride in her arts degree, her job in the local bookshop and her loving, politically aware family.  As her story unfolds, we begin to see her moderate descent take place.  She meets a boy, who becomes her boyfriend and suddenly her classic life began to change when he introduces her to a small group of junkies. It is at this moment; Kate’s road to self-destruction becomes apparent. Her descriptions of these first moments portrayed the substance as being magical, “with junk in our veins, we were the most beautiful people in the world” which highlights her innocence at this point in her life; a crucial contrast to her life later in the book.

Kate re-counts, in explicit detail, about her desire for Heroin and the transcendent affects it has on her life. She writes about the sensations of heroin use, the taste for metal and skin, the blood running through her veins after the kick hits. She divulges to us, the splendor of such sensations and we begin to understand the fascination.

The majority of the memoir re-tells Kate’s experiences as a prostitute, a pinnacle notion in the book as it marks her near complete self-destruction, whilst introducing the notion of self-degradation.  Keeping in mind that it was the seventies, and many of the traditional ideologies were beginning to re-shape, including the roles of women and feminism.  Kate describes her involvements on the streets, and though brothels of varied prices and reputations, and we are given an exclusive look inside the lives of prostitute and the happenings of busy brothels. Perhaps, her explicit recount of various sexual encounters, however, takes away from the underlying notion of Kate’s ongoing descent and eventual lack of self-worth.

The long nights, the sexual encounters she wishes she never had, the loss of her family, the dysfunctional relationships, having no home to go to, and her health at risk more and more every day.  All of this, so she can maintain her addiction.

After her multiple struggles with rehab and the loss of her job and near loss of her family, Kate’s self-destruction and self-degradation become even more apparent.

A most important contrast in the book lies in Kate’s admission, that despite her feminist and politically correct upbringing, she found pride in her work as a prostitute gaining self-esteem for her appeal and desirability.  She writes that she sees her self as a giver of compassion, freeing the lonely of their sorrows and too, admits that she desires these moments as much as they would.  This admission is somewhat uncomfortable for the reader coming from such an educated and well bought up woman, but there is something about her writing and narrative voice that evokes sympathy and humanizes her detail and experiences.

In My Skin is a captivating story of troubled love and substance abuse that instills hope and sympathy into the lives of its readers.  The contrast between the struggle of self-destruction and self-degradation and the hope of retaining a clean, heroin free life is epic and unique, as is the portrayal of the relationship between female sexuality and self-worth.

In My Skin is perhaps a lesson to young girls that struggle with substance abuse and self-betrayal, igniting a fire of hope and faith into their veins instead.




DESN290 Project Report #3



There has been considerable progress in our re-designing process this week. We have designed the logo and found a website that has free icons to use, and we have found some that fit our design extremely well.

We have also managed to continue to develop our prototypes which are the base structure for our website, and I have found that they are a particularly useful guide when thinking more about the structure of the final site, and the visual appeal.

We have since changed the colour palette slightly after making use of the colours that we originally thought would work – Charcoal, Purple, Blue and White. We have still incorporated most of these colours, however used more vibrant, brighter colours on the logo as we feel it reflects the nature of the site more.

Our Website Logo

A huge learning curve for me, is learning the technicalities of Photoshop in designing our prototypes to suit the web style format. This has been a challenge as I am generally unfamiliar with Photoshop, and it has been a time consuming process to learn and design the prototypes.

Stay in tune for next week ! 🙂

DESN290 Project Report #2


Well, how things have changed since my last post!

Maddy and I have basically initialised our re-design of UOWTV Multimedia Site!

We have considered the existing site, and have outlined what we feel are the issues with the site.. Basically, we found it a little boring and out-dated, especially after completing our last assessment on the News Website Analysis, where there were plenty of interesting lessons learnt.

We have decided on a colour scheme that we feel will make the site more vibrant – Charcoal Grey, White, Purple and Bright Blue. We feel that this gives the site a more youthful vibe, which will hopefully, in turn attract more younger people to the site.

We have also drafted a few site design prototypes just roughly, by hand, to help with determining the best layout and structure for the site. To help with this, we googled a few interesting websites, which allowed us to spark ideas between us of what our home page design would be like, and allowed us to base our other pages off this design. This was a time consuming process, and included a little trial and error, but I think we have come up with some really exciting ideas.

Next Step is to brand the site… A much harder task. We decided to re-name the site to suit our vibrant & youthful approach, but this has proven to be more difficult than it sounds. We will have to put our serious thinking caps on!

Naming may prove harder than thought, but we have at least thought of an idea for a Logo. Utilising the current UOW symbol, we thought that we could incorporate a part of it and make it into the Logo.  So, Maddy thought that we could use one of the three flowers on the UOW symbol, and re-design it to be the logo for our site, where each petal will include a different type of media. Sounds complicated, but it looks really interesting!

We still have a bit to go, but I am looking forward to seeing the end results.

Look forward to more updates !


Zoe. 🙂

DESN290 Progress Report #1


Working through our assessment has been interesting. I would have  never assume myself as taking on a re-design for a website – I’m just not savvy like that.. But here we are.

Working with Maddison has been great, and we seem to have gotten our heads around what needs to be done, which is a positive start. Tahnie has left us for the Semester, but we are coping fine just the two of us at the moment.  I look forward to what the next few weeks will bring as we haven’t started too much of the re-design just yet.

Keep your eyes open for more updates.


Signing Off .. for now!